Playlist Reboot Day 3: Anywhere

Posted on 14th April 2012 in Uncategorized

Of note: I have posted 3 consecutive days now. Go me!

I haven’t any song that has any great connection to anything that happened today. But really, did you think I was going to wait that long before posting an Evanescence song on the Playlist Reboot? So here it is. This song is actually my ringtone. For (maybe?) obvious reasons. I’m 32, soon to be 33, and I have an awesomely rich, full life. But at the same time, the one thing that I want (and most people want I think, if they really admit it to themselves) is to find that someone that might accept me for me, and take me “Anywhere.” So you can call this a dream song, with hope that maybe…

…someday. And the song is really awesome, so listen to it here. (Of note, the “yeah, yeah…” stuff at the end seems to be a portion of “Lies” from the same Album, Origin. I have no idea why it’s there. But hey, that’s a good song. Listen to that one here.

Wow, you got two songs in one post. But here are some lyrics from “Anywhere”

Dear my love, haven’t you wanted to be with me
And dear my love, haven’t you longed to be free
I can’t keep pretending that I don’t even know you
And at sweet night, you are my own
Take my hand

We’re leaving here tonight
There’s no need to tell anyone
They’d only hold us down
So by the morning light
We’ll be half way to anywhere
Where love is more than just your name

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