Carrie’s Playlist 365 Day 115: Good Enough

Posted on 10th November 2011 in Uncategorized

I swear, this is NOT Evanescence’s “Good Enough.” At least, NOT YET. This is a tribute to all those good 80′s movies that I love. I swear, they don’t make movies like this anymore! No tales about ordinary, every day kids, having good err…wholesome adventure and getting major treasure. It’s all CGI driven, major special effects.

Man, I miss this sort of stuff. And on top of that, all these 80′s flicks had AWESOME theme songs. I mean, think about it. I know you can name a few yourself.

Tonight’s 80′s flashback is from the 80′s “Goonies.” From “Good Enough” sung by Cyndi Lauper:

Here we are
Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
Break the chain then we break down
Oh it’s not real if you don’t feel it
Unspoken expectations
Ideals you used to play with
They’ve finally taken shape for us.

What’s good enough for you
Is good enough for me
It’s good enough
It’s good enough for me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

(And by the way, if you haven’t heard of this song or watched this movie, you must have been born way too late to appreciate either anyway…)

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